Fabric is woven, with love, with care.

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Fabric is woven, with love, with care. But sometimes it is so dense that it is suffocating. Sometimes the yarns are too loose to hold on. I weave for you. I ask nothing in return.

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Yarn Collection


Hashed Cities by Yazid has such an organic feeling. The lines are subtle and I was inspired to write my custom line drawing function.


Hashed Cities by Yazid

Technical Notes

Each line is drawn with multiple passes. In each pass, linearly interpolate multiple steps to go from (x1, y1) to (x2, y2) and draw many tiny lines or dots, with slightly randomly shifted position by adding some noise. Do a few passes for each line. This will create a somewhat organic line. Can vary opacity to create a fabric look when weaved together in a grid. Slightly shift start and end points and density too.

Techniques also detailed in: